October 18, 2018


From the front, Kip looks basically bald.

But he's not, it's just all growing in from the back to the front.

And it's a beautiful soft corn-silk blonde. I love it. We may need to trim the mullet at some point but for now I'm enjoying his little duck tail.

October 15, 2018

Weekending it

Fall is officially here. It actually feels more like late November but that's it, summer is gone. Last year we had heat and sun well into October.

Proof. This time last year:

Anyways, our weekend update.

On Friday night Dan and I finally got to cash-in his gift certificate from my parents for Father's Day. We saw First Man at the Alamo Drafthouse which is a movie theater that serves food to your seat. It was a GREAT date. We loved the movie and the food and it was not far from home so we were back relatively early. Thanks mom for the gift card and thanks to Mandy for babysitting Kippy!

Saturday, was cold and cloudy but we had plans we intended to keep. We went to brunch at the local diner.

Kip is getting a little difficult at restaurants now. Man, this newly one year old phase is hard. Battle of wills.

After his afternoon nap we headed over to watch the Ragamuffin Parade which is a long standing tradition in our neighborhood for kids to parade down the main business street in their Halloween costumes. Initially we thought we would march in it with Kippy but then I was unsure if you had to register or not so we just ended up watching it with friends.

It was better to watch anyways since that way we would see everything. Mandy has been taking Kip to the park on Wednesday and the local high school marching band practices there so he is sort of in love with marching band music now. "His" band was there plus a few others so they kept his attention. 

Aunt Mandy got him a giant inflatable balloon from a street vendor at the parade. Oh man, he is spoiled.

On Sunday, I chased Kip around all day at church. Getting into ALLLL the things.

It was exhausting and he never napped the rest of the day.  Happy Monday!!

October 12, 2018

Hoop Dreams

Dan loves basketball so this really thrills him.

After this little ball playing adventure on Sunday in the school gym, Kip is obsessed with balls. Mandy had to remove him from the park on Wednesday due to a tantrum over another child's ball. This a fun phase everyone!! Woof.

October 10, 2018

Weekending it

Just want to preface this post by saying we haven't seen the sun since Friday. Warm weather? Sure. Sun? Nope.

What is the deal???

Anyways, Saturday Mandy and I had planned to go fall clothes shopping together. Kip is too active now to do well with shopping trips so Dan gifted us a day together while he watched Kip. We went to the mall and got lunch and hung out at her place. In the late afternoon, Dan came over with Kip so he could pick me up but then Mandy decided to come back with us anyways to lend a hand on Sunday.

On Sunday, both Dan and I were supposed to serve but then my team got canceled last minute. Since Mandy had come over anyways, Dan was able to drive to church in her car and Mandy and I stayed at home to let Kip get one good nap in for the day. Sundays are hard. His nap schedule and whole routine is non-existent and that's tough for him. So, one good nap and we headed to church where Mandy and I chased him around all morning. He got a cat nap in the stroller (thanks to Mandy) and then we went to lunch together at a cool old soda fountain. It was a rough outing. Kip was overtired and itching for freedom and threw a tantrum about not being able to walk around. So I took him outside while we waited for our food. He screamed over not being able to walk in the street, was mad about me not letting him touch a motorcycle wheel that was parked outside, annoyed that I wouldn't let him pick up a cigarette butt, and livid that I was trying to direct where he went. His control issues may be worse than mine. Pray for us. We did get him settled when the food arrived and he devoured nearly all of my hot fudge sundae.

After lunch Dan and I were invited over to a friend's house from our old church. A bunch of people we hadn't seen in awhile were there and so it was nice to see all of them. Many had either never met Kip or only seen him just after he was born. Now he can walk and basically wreak havoc everywhere. He did alright overall but it was just a long day and pretty overstimulating. Dan and I were equally exhausted. Kip went right to sleep as soon as we got home. Skipped dinner and bath and he crashed immediately.

On Monday, Columbus Day, Dan still had work so Kip and I did our normal Monday routine. I tried to keep it mellow and get him back on schedule. He started snuggling with me more and will even cuddle if I ask "snugs with Momma?" It makes me so happy. The day ended with one long tantrum that just rolled from one issue to the next. I realize we are in a tough phase right now. New independence with walking but still very limited communication skills is difficult to navigate. We'll get through it one day at at time.

October 5, 2018

Peeks from the Week

Just a little peek into this week.

On Monday Kippy found his ride-on car hidden in my closet.

We don't let him push it in the apartment anymore but he wanted to so badly so I shut the door in his room so he could push it in there. No sir. He wanted freedom.

So we walked around the lobby.

In the afternoon we were stuck inside while the Super and a plumber took care of replacing a pipe in our bathroom ceiling.

Kip and I had to stay in the living room which I barricaded to keep Kip from escaping. We survived strictly because of endless Barney episodes on Prime and unlimited goldfish crackers. You do what you gotta do.

On Tuesday we hosted our Table gathering which is a large group this year.

Leftover pulled pork for Kip the next day.

Hey, you've got a little something on your nose there bud!

Trying on a coat that's too big. He was not happy.

Happy Friday! Sharing a croissant with Aunt Mandy after enduring a flu shot.

Being a one year old is hard.

October 4, 2018

K-Man Walking

Kippy took his first independent steps on August 20th. He was so proud and I was so grateful to have been the one to witness it!

Since that date he would take a few steps here and there but took his time working up his confidence.

The little ride-on push toy that he got from Grandma and Grandpa for his birthday was a really excellent toy to help him practice. He LOVED to pull that thing out and drive it all over the apartment. Our downstairs neighbors complained of the noise so we had to limit his excursions to the apartment hall and building lobby.

He loves to walk behind anything with wheels. Especially his stroller.

And also really loved holding hands and walking with the security of parental support.

And then, just last weekend, he decided he was confident enough to walk wherever he pleased.

October 1, 2018

Weekending it

We finally had nice fall weather for the whole weekend!!! It's been so blah and rainy here it was feeling more like late November than early fall. I'm so grateful when the good weather comes around for the weekend! Mandy stayed over Friday and we all headed over to New Jersey on Saturday to go on a day-venture to the pumpkin patch and apple picking.

We went to Wightman's Farm again this year and Kippy LOVED it there. Last year he was just over a month old and had no clue we were even there. I remember I had to pump and feed him in the car and it was a struggle to push the stroller through the orchard. This year was so much more fun! Kip was so taken by the pumpkins and we had to pry him away from this big pile of baby pumpkins. He could have explored there for hours I'm sure.

This weekend he really took off with the walking and now he walks more than he crawls and it's a whole new level of exhaustion to keep up with him now.

We tried for some posed photos. Some were rough.

But we ended up with a couple good ones.

We grabbed some treats from the shop and then headed into the orchard for apples. Because of all the rain we've had it was pretty muddy so we just walked a few rows and collected a small bag. Thanks for Mandy for these photos.


This farm has a ton of other activities for older kids like a corn maze and hay rides. Next year should be even more fun for Kip.

We headed into town for a late lunch and Kip loved the fountain in the town square.

He napped on the car ride back to Mandy's place where we hung out until it was time to head home.

On Sunday we were at church early and Kippy was ALL OVER THE PLACE. We don't have a class for his age group yet so there is just a small play area for parents to watch them outside the auditorium. Normally it's fine but now that he is walking he was busting out of that area non-stop! Phew, it was a workout for me to keep him contained.

They are tearing the ceiling out in our bathroom due to a leaky pipe so Kip and I are trying our best to stayed entertained in the small living room space. He is annoyed to say the least. Happy Monday!!