July 20, 2018

Weekending it

Playing a little catch-up and recapping last weekend.

Last Saturday, we got a wild hair and made a spontaneous trip to Asbury Park, New Jersey to check out the boardwalk. Mandy, Dan, and I are all summer lovers and are trying to make the most of our favorite season. Now with a car, we can be spontaneous, expand our destination locations, and since Kip naps so nicely in a moving vehicle, we thought...why not???

We hit a good bit of traffic on the way there and looked for parking for awhile as well but eventually made our way to the boardwalk. By the beach, Asbury Park is pretty nice and was definitely making an effort to revitalize. Some areas of the Jersey shore are what you imagine the Jersey shore to be...kinda run down and trashy (we're talking about you, Atlantic City). But you could tell Asbury was trying to step it up. There were nice restaurants and cute boutique stores. None of the bad t-shirts shops or seedy kitsch. We didn't go down to the beach since you had to pay (boo) and we hadn't planned on it anyways. We just found a spot for lunch and then walked the boardwalk afterwards.

We even got some shaved ice before heading out!

Dan and I definitely plan on coming back, just the two of us, for our annual anniversary beach trip. Traffic aside, it was a pretty quick trip!!

Tomorrow we are headed to Philadelphia for the weekend!! Mandy has never been there (neither has Kip) and Dan and I are going for the cheesesteak sandwiches!!

July 19, 2018

Kip's First ER Visit

Last Thursday morning (a week ago), Mandy and I were in the bedroom chatting and Kip was on my bed. He was sitting there quite contentedly with Mandy on one side of him and bed pillows on the other side. I was getting ready for the day and I looked over at the bed and within literally a half a second Kip turned away from Mandy and crawled right off the bed. It happened so quickly there was literally no time to prevent it. He fell about 4 feet and landed on his face. I will never forget that image or that heart sinking feeling knowing I couldn't get to him in time to prevent the fall. We felt horrible. It could have easily been so much worse than it was. Praise God for that blessing.

Kip started crying instantly and he had a big rug burn on his cheek where he he hit the ground. Oddly, he only wanted Dan to hold him. Clearly he is the better parent. I called the on-call nurse at the doctor's office but she wasn't available until later in the morning. We frantically Googled symptoms of concussion in a baby and tried all kinds of things to get him to settle down. He didn't exhibit any odd symptoms but just seemed more startled and upset. After about 15 minutes he had stopped crying and was sitting on my lap when he spit-up a little bit. We decided that was symptom enough to take him into the ER to get checked out. I wasn't willing to wait an hour or more for the nurse to call us back.

Mandy, Dan, and I scrambled around to finish getting ready and jumped in the car. I've never been more grateful that we have a car now and that a hospital is just a short drive away. We got to the ER around 8 am and at that point, Kip was acting like his normal self again. Naturally. But we got checked in and after only a few minutes wait, the doctor looked him over. The first thing she said to me was, "babies falling down and getting injured is extremely common." Which, I knew, but it's not something I want to have happen again. She said he looked fine and examined his head, eyes, mouth, nose, and ears for any signs of bleeding. They apparently don't do CT scans unless the baby went unconscious or was vomiting regularly. The radiation exposure of the scan, apparently, is more risky than a concussion especially if the child doesn't even have a concussion. Apparently. She suggested we just stay a couple of hours for observation. Dan headed into work and Mandy and I tried to entertain Kip in the waiting room and eventually got him to sleep (we got the ok from the doctor to let him eat and sleep). We were back at the apartment about three hours later and I stayed home with him and Mandy the rest of the day.

Kip played, napped, and ate normally. Just a little battle wound on his cheek.

The nurse from our pediatrician's office called me back while we were at the hospital and gave us some things to look out for and scheduled an appointment with our doctor for Friday morning just to get checked one more time. Everything was good. We mentioned to the doctor that Kip doesn't seem to be aware of edges or heights yet because he literally didn't even hesitate when he crawled right off the bed, as if he thought the bed was seamless with the floor. The doctor said that depth awareness begins to develop around nine months. Since he is still on the early side of that developmental milestone, she suggested we wait a few months to see if he begins to enhance some depth perception before seeing an eye doctor or neurologist. It's really hard to help babies practice spacial awareness, like height, without it being dangerous. What are you supposed to do? Let him sit on the bed again and see if he tries to crawl off? No thank you.

For now, Kip is not allowed on our bed unless wedged between two adult bodies (like when he occasionally co-sleeps). We are trying to help him learn to turn over on his belly and slide off of the couch or something just a foot or so off the ground. Good grief, you really can't take your eyes off of him for a half a second. So anyways, yeah. First ER trip and first panic inducing parenting moment I'm hoping to never repeat.

July 18, 2018

Day-venture with Mandy and Kip

This summer I decided to take some random vacations days. One day to adventure with Mandy and Kip and one day to adventure with Dan and Kip. Of the three of us, my schedule is most flexible with taking days off and if I don't use em, I lose em.

This past Friday I spent the day with Mandy and Kip.

We took the subway into Manhattan and the ferry over to Staten Island.

 <Subway          Ferry>

After we got off the ferry, we walked over to a random lot for a free event call Broadway in the Boros. I guess, each summer several Broadway shows participate by performing a few songs from their show, free to the public. One event in each borough. We missed the Brooklyn event in June before I heard about the event but fortunately, the timing for the Staten Island event was just perfect.

We found a shady spot under a tree, set-up a little picnic for Kip, and watched performers from A Band's Visit (the new 10-time Tony award winning show from this season) and Wicked (one of my most favorites)!

It's just a few of the performers. No staging or costumes or anything but there was live music and it was free!! We also really liked watching the sign language interpreters on stage as they signed along with the songs. Very interesting! It was only supposed to be an hour long event but with the raffles and all the sponsor stuff it was more like an hour and 40 minutes.

By the time we headed back to the ferry, Kippy was sound asleep in his stroller for a nap.

When we got back to Manhattan, we took Kippy for a ride on the Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park. 

He loved it.

Mandy and I picked up some fresh baked cookies before we all hopped back on the subway home. It was a perfect adventure day and everything went surprisingly smooth. Fun for all!

That night, Mandy gifted us a date night while she stayed at the apartment with Kip. Dan and I went to dinner and walked along Summer Stroll, they close off the main street in our neighborhood and the restaurants set-up seating and music outside.

It was a really wonderful day. Can't wait for my day-venture with Dan and Kip.

July 11, 2018

Weekending it

This weekend, Dan and I took Kippy over into New Jersey for his first visit to a public pool.

There really aren't public pools in Brooklyn. Okay, well, there are pools but none we would want to go to as they are not convenient and extremely overcrowded. But, in the great wide world of the suburbs, there are many lovely public pools with ample space. Mandy found one in her neighborhood so we headed over to her area Saturday afternoon.

Initially, Kip hated it. He was glued to me the entire time and cried if I tried to set him down. The splash pad part of the pool was new and pretty awesome but the water features were really strong and overwhelming. It was basically like a splash area you would have at a water park. Not really intended for babies. So Dan, Mandy, and I just sat in the kiddie pool with Kip and he eventually got used to the cold water and started playing around.

He just takes awhile to warm-up to new things.

We also took him in the big pool in a foatie that Mandy got him. He liked it okay but kept trying to drink the water so we decided to head out. It was past nap time anyways.

We had a good time and I'm sure it will be even more fun next summer when Kip is able to walk and play a little more.

Sunday was church and napless triggered tantrums...

Happy hump day!!!

July 10, 2018

Kippy || 11 Months Old

Today, Kippy turns 11 months old!! Holy cow! We only have a few short weeks left before his first birthday. I've said it before, but really, this year was the fastest of my entire life. I cannot believe we will have a one year old in just a blink. Wild one!

Kipling at Eleven Months 
Weight ??? (20 lbs. 3.2 oz. at 9 months)
Height ??? (30 inches at 9 months)
Personality: Introverted, curious adventurer 

but here is how most of this photo shoot looked:


His remote (real, no battery. see above)
Bath time, especially loves the yellow bath stacking cup and yellow blow fish tub sticker
MOMMY! Oh wow, he got clingy to me big time this month
Pushing wheel toys on the ground
Food. Hummus, yogurt, and cheese are his faves.
Barney (there is one old school episode on Amazon)

When the food he loves is gone
Not getting something he wants (oh lord, have tantrums started???)
Diaper changes or getting dressed (it's a real struggle every day)
When mom walks away from him or is not within eyesight

12-18 months. Still blasting through clothes
Size 4 diapers 

Things I want to remember about Kippy at 11 months:
 - How you started off with fisted clapping (one fist into open hand) and then progressed into real flat palm clapping 
- Your mega clingy phase you are in right now. Sometimes it can feel really exhausting for me to be needed so much and with so much whining from you if you aren't touching me, but I'm trying to embrace it knowing it will be short and soon you won't want anything to do with me
- How you started sticking your tongue straight out when you are doing something you enjoy
- How you "feel" the music and rock out shaking your head and moving your whole body
- Fake crying. It's kind of constant with this clingy phase and I'm not a fan, but it's something from this month to remember
- How you started dropping food out that you don't expect or no longer want (not spitting just opening your mouth and letting it fall out)
- How cute and flirty you were on the plane ride home from Kansas. You were smiling and waving and being so cute with the people near our seats
- Your waving and even saying "die die" which we think is your attempt to say "bye bye"
- One legged crawling. You push one leg up and crawl with one foot flat on the ground
- Cruising along furniture and sometimes standing with one hand or none (for a few seconds)
- When we hold your hands to get you to practice walking. You get so excited you just jump up and down and then lift your legs so you can't stand. Little turkey.
- Your favorite way to play is pushing toys along the ground or knocking things together in your hands. You just discovered how to put things inside of other things.
- How much you love music
- Your giant top front teeth growing in
- Your lip pucker you do, pushing air out of your mouth so your lip moves (like a silent raspberry)

Bubba, this was a busy month for you. We had a visit from Auntie Jessy and took a ferry ride to hang out at Governor's Island. You also "rode" a surry bike. You got your first cold and toughed through it so well. You started gaining confidence with standing and although you likely have a ways to go before walking, I'm just fine with that. Stay small!! We have already experienced some glimpses into the toddler years with your increasingly loud demands which resemble tantrums. Oh boy.

You went on another trip to Kansas and added three more flights to your record. You had your first 4th of July and saw your first Kansas summer. You met many new dogs and don't seem scared at all. You've discovered so much this month and along with that came some insecurity with separation from me. You love your Momma and like to have me close at all times. You seem to have somewhat of an introverted personality and take some time to warm-up to new people and places. You went to the beach for the first time and also had your first experience in a swimming pool! Ooh, and you had your first taste of chocolate and it may be too soon to tell, but you seemed like you liked it!

Well, that 8 month regression never resolved and I fear we created a habit. Kip continues to wake up at 5/5:30 am to nurse (he used to go until 7 am). I put him back in bed after that first feed but he doesn't always go back to sleep. He still takes 2-3 naps a day, about 45 minutes - 1 hour each. Sometimes we luck out with a 2 hour nap. During our trip to Kansas he really only napped well if we were in the car. Stroller naps on Sunday while at church are more difficult now too. I really wish we could be more consistent with napping at home but it is really hard when we also want to be out doing things. Fortunately, Kip still does well at night and goes down easily around 6 pm and stays asleep until 5 am.

Kippy is still a champion eater but he has started to spit food out that he doesn't want and throw mini fits if what he loves is gone. We are trying some Feeding Littles strategies for raising a non-picky eater which offers some challenges for us as parents. Coming up with variety and mixing presentation with novelty is HARD! Can't we just serve yogurt every morning?? But, it will be worth it if he remains adventurous with food and willing to try new things. He has tried utensils with limited success and can drink from a sippy cup or a straw cup. Kip still nurses/bottle-feeds three times a day. Once when he first wakes up, once after his afternoon nap, and the last is before bed. My original plan is still to finish breastfeeding at one year but we'll see what happens. I want to be done pumping but I'm not sure I'm committed to being done nursing. Complicated decisions. 

Kippy just really loves play time. He is getting so great with independent play and will just sit and play with something as simple as a sorting shape or a small car. He crawls around pushing any toy and he especially loves his remote. It's a real remote with no battery, and it's basically his comfort item. He really loved the large dump truck at Grandma's house and he is also getting into books more and more. It's so fun to just sit nearby and watch him explore. He loves knocking things together or shaking them. He also figured out how to put smaller things inside of bigger things and tote them around or shake them. He is really attracted to wheely toys and it's so funny to me how he gravitates to "boy" toys even though we offer him things like dolls. He still adores bath time and any water play. He is a speedy crawler and still gets into plenty of things he shouldn't.

I'm feeling so conflicted about Kip's first birthday approaching. I want him to stay my baby but at the same time I'm excited for the developments ahead like imaginative play and the ability to really communicate with him. This time last year I was so big and uncomfortable and just so anxious for the pregnancy to be over and for life to "start." It's been a year of transitions and I'm feeling nostalgic for it all to be ending. Happy 11 months sweet baby! Let's soak in every last bit of this last month of babyhood.